Countries that were not signatories of Hague Convention follow embassy legalization to authenticate documents. Countries like China, Brazil, Canada and several others, follow the practice of legalization which involves verification of a document through a chain of authentications done starting from a local legislation and subsequently verified and confirmed by higher authorities.
Embassy legalization is a complex process. Though apostille proposed and adopted in Hague Convention has supplanted embassy legalization but there are still several nations who follow the later to confirm verity of a document/certificate. A qualified legalization service providing agency can only offer you professional consultation about the right method of document authentication.
N. D Universal stands out in the crowd by offering an array of value-added services to its clients. Over the years we have earned respect and faith of our clients by delivering timely, reliable document authentication consultation. We are one of the leaders serving the niche document legalization industry.
A wide variety of personal and commercial documents is processed by us. Document reaches to us from all over India either by postal service or by courier. Similarly, we use most trusted and qualified courier service to deliver documents.

Over the years we have mastered the nitty-gritties of international authentication process and our team has the exposure and experience in dealing with all sorts of documents required for a variety of international transactions. We share a close working relation with most government authorities which allows us to practice a proper follow up process for speedy authentication service. We constantly strive in our endeavor to deliver quality service to our clients. Our office is situated at a central location in close proximity to the embassies and other important government departments. Our wide clientele comprises both individual and businesses settled in India and offshore locations.
Do you need apostille or legalization?
The best way to decide whether apostille or legalization is what you need to verify authenticity of document is by approaching a professional firm. It is important that you carefully choose an authentication service since it can cost you both your money and time.
• We are a firm operating nationwide in delivering expert consultation on expedite document authentication process.
• We guarantee shortest time to complete the process.
• All documents are handled with utmost care and circulated only using a secured courier service.
Our clients are our asset and reason for success. We believe that prioritizing their requirements and urgency was the pillar of our success.
We always welcome your queries and concern. We would be glad to get an opportunity to serve you better.


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